Some Fun Facts About GMC Trucks

GMC, which is a division within the larger General Motors, has been in the truck manufacturing business for over one century. As a GMC truck enthusiast, here are some fun facts that you need to know about these trucks:

•The Birth of GMC

GMC was birthed by the merger between two vehicle manufacturing companies, Rapid Motor Vehicle Company and Reliance Motor Company. General Motors merged these two companies into the famous General Motors Truck Company in the year 1909.

• It’s first mass production

By 1912, GMC had already manufactured more than 20,000 vehicles which all bore the “GMC Trucks” logo. In 1916, the GMC trucks took part in a cross-country race where the vehicles were able to travel to New York from Seattle in 30 days. Exactly one decade later, the GMC trucks were able to traverse the U.S. from New York to San Francisco in 5 days and 30 minutes.

• Contributions to World War I and World War II Efforts

GMC was entrusted with the manufacture of the military vehicles that were used by the military during World War I. GMC was able to produce over 10,000 military vehicles between 1917 and 1919. During WWII, GMC was tasked with producing military equipment including the first mass-produced amphibian trucks. These trucks were used to transport troops and supplies over water and land.

• Merger with Yellow Coach bus manufacturing company

This merger saw the GMC Truck division being renamed to GMC Truck and Coach Division in 1925. The division was now tasked with producing both medium-duty and light-duty trucks. Two years later, T-series production line was introduced, and in 1931, the first heavy-duty truck, T-95, a 15-tonne cargo truck was produced.

• Special Trucks for Transporting Circus Animals

In 1929, GMC received an exciting order for the production of special vehicles which could be used to transport circus animals such as giraffes, lions, monkeys, and elephants. This order gave the division a new challenge in that they had to redesign their trucks to fit the needs of the client.

• Manufacturer of Advanced Diesel Engines

At the start of 1930’s, GMC embarked on redesigning its trucks by modifying the engine location. The push for the development of an advanced diesel engine led the company to come up with its own production line, a decision that has proved to have been a well-thought-out one.

• A perfect ride for the family

According to Jessica Alba, a Hollywood star, GMC SUVs are ideal for families. She opines that the truck is reliable and practical and can fit shopping for the whole family and still accommodate family members as passengers.

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